Halloween Ready



…So we have 1 week to go until it’s that time of year when it’s acceptable to rock up to the party dressed as slutty as you like and get away with calling it fancy dress! HALLOWEEN.

In celebration I wanted to update you girls on what I am wearing this year and give you some hints and tips on how you can recreate this exact look for yourself to make sure your killing it at whichever Halloween party/event your attending.

It’s one time of the year where fashion can be extra courageous! Whether your teaming up a face full of glitter with a luminous outfit and wig or your falling out of the club dressed as the Bride of Chucky – whatever you choose you can make it totally stylish! This year I’m skipping all the fuss of a scary costume and going for a simple but sassy cat-look.
To bring the look to life, I’ve opted for one my original Sian Marie pieces… The Esmee Two Piece jumpsuit. It’s super sexy and figure hugging with front cross detailing …and the black option fits in perfectly with the theme of Halloween! What’s even better is it comes as a leotard and leggings, which you can mix and match.

& Halloween Make-up?

I’ve sat, on so many occasions, and watched a make-up tutorial that seems amazinggglly simple, with a gorgeous girl effortlessly applying her Halloween look, to then have a go at recreating it myself and ending up literally looking like the Frankenstein (without that being the end goal!)

Ladies, I promise you the below video is really simple to do! All you need are:

– 2 small strips of cellotape
– A liquid liner (here)
– A pot of gold sparkly eye shadow (here)
– A dark eye shadow (here) 
– Fluffy cat ears

Take a watch and let me know your thoughts, you could also team up the look up with some strappy heels or even my DIY Autumn high knee boots – a cropped black fur coat/cape and fluffy tail! & You could even attempt to extend the animal print effect down your body to cover one shoulder- see how daring you feel.

The Esmee Two Piece Jumpsuit is available to order click here …and I’ve even put on a flash 3-day sale just for you ladies! If ordered before 25th Oct your item will have guaranteed delivery for Halloween weekend.

I’d love to see some of you girls killing this look!

Stay sassy scary



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