Ripped jeans 101



Hands up if you a love a ripped jean?

Well guess what ladies… you don’t have to pay ridiculous prices for a pair of high-end ripped jeans; you can literally do it yourself! – recycle some of your old babies and rock it just like Gigi, Kim or Ri-Ri. And doing it this way is so much better as you control exactly how dramatic the rips are – whether that is a simple knee hole slit, a few tiny nicks or big-ass slashes down the leg.

And of course I know how difficult it is to find the perfect fit in jeans! I’ve had times where I’ve found the most gorgeous ripped pair but after trying them on I’ve realised it aint happenin. Now we are rolling into the colder seasons, a ripped jean can be paired with all Winter wardrobe essentials so here are some simple steps to creating your own DIY ripped jeans…

  1. Purchase your suppliers – max spend £5

  1. Pick your pair

Have a riffle through your wardrobe and find the pair you want – whether that is a pair of fitted skinny’s or a baggy boyfriend slouch. I really like ripping into Topshops ‘Mom’ jeans; I love the fit of these and old school worn out style – perfect for ripping.

  1. Put them on

Whilst wearing your jeans, mark them up so you have an idea of where these rips will sit on your legs. I find using some chalk is best to mark your jeans as this will wash off afterwards – depending on the style you are going for, I also find it easier to completely freestyle; try not to be too precise as the beauty of ripping is it should be quite random and mismatched.

  1. Get ripping!

Lay your jeans out on a flat surface and pop the piece of cardboard inside to avoid the rips going through to the back (unless you want them too). Begin rubbing the marked areas with your sandpaper (or pumice) whichever you find easier to work with.

Once you’re happy with the distressed areas, grab your Stanley knife and start creating loose rips over the top. Here you can go as wild as you like depending on the style you are going for. And if you’re needing some inspo, see the gorgeous ideas below:


So your ripped jeans are done and you’re ready to slay! …now the final (and of course most important part of this 101) is finding the perfect outfit to rock with your new killer ripped jeans.

It obviously depends on the occasion, ripped jeans can be worn casual and for that last minute night out! So here are my options for both…

 1 - Copy 2 - Copy 3 - Copy 4 - Copy 5 - Copy


The Bella V-Neck (black/nude) CLICK HERE 
The Ava Low Neck (black/nude) CLICK HERE
A basic tee

Adidas or Yeezy sneakers
Winter boots (low or high leg)

Accessories/Cover ups:
Match with a big thick scarf, oversized Winter coat and should bag

cas3 - Copy cas2 cas


Nyla Neck Ring Wrap (black/nude) CLICK HERE 
The Zahra Crop (black/nude) CLICK HERE

Strappy heels / Valentinos / Court heels

Accessories/Cover ups:
Match with oversized blazer and YSL Shoulder bag/Valentino clutch


party1 party party2 party3

Hope you love this week’s post girls – and don’t forget, I’d love to see some of your ripped jeans!

Stay sassy


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